Ayyoub Ajmi and Chancellor C. Mauli Agrawal (Matriculation Ceremony 8/13/2018)
Ayyoub Ajmi and Chancellor C. Mauli Agrawal (Matriculation Ceremony 8/13/2018)

Starting law school was never the plan. But working in a law school, and watching how students "literally" metamorphose into sharp educated adults made me think seriously about it. Additionally, in the last five years, I had the chance to work closely and interact with law professors from all over the world. While my involvement was often under my "librarian" or "tech" umbrella, I got to learn a lot about law and especially the intersection of law and technology. This is a subject that I gradually became aware of, and I strongly believe that I can make a difference in it. Finally, who can pass a 75% tuition assistance?

My first week was tough. And so were the following ones. I'm still adjusting to the rhythm of law school. The Socratic method of stimulating critical thinking, which most law schools adhere to, is new to me.

The first-year curriculum of the law school is also not the fun one. I certainly learned new concepts, but the reading can be challenging. I often read a legal case more than once and each time I come up with a different conclusion. My reading pace is slow, and my memory is dispersed. That doesn't help either.

But, I know that I can do it. And I'm looking forward to an amazing time in law school, meeting new people, and learning a bunch.